less is more...more or less
I’m David Koslowski, a graphic, web and user interface designer originally from Baltimore, Maryland, now living in Durham, North Carolina. I have a degree in digital media with a concentration in graphic/web design and a minor in photography and film, from the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, North Carolina. I worked for a great design boutique called Praxis Design Studios in Raleigh until they got bought up by a large ad agency.

Currently, during the day I work as the web design manager at PHE, Inc (better know as Adam & Eve), where I design and oversee the front-end of our e-commerce, mobile and video-on-demand sites, I write HTML/CSS, and also work on email & social marketing campaigns. At night, I’m usually eating some delicious food that my wife (who’s a chef) has whipped up and taking in a film or two. And on the weekends, you’ll probably find me out and about, with either my band playing in some grimey rock club or just relaxing with a few friends.

TOOLS: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Final Cut, some Flash & some JavaScript/JQuery, Wordpress & various CMS.

INTERESTS: Collecting vinyl records, film, travel, gourmet food, craft beer, wine, biking, and playing guitar.

Converted the original e-commerce site from being table-based to CSS-based in 2007. Currently, maintain & design all the front-end, advertisement spots, internal pages and test campaigns with my design team. I work as the project manager for all the front-end projects related tothis site and our mobile site.


Four Corners Cuisine
Four Corners Cuisine is a personal chef service offering personalized meals for their clients. The owner of the company wanted a clean, fresh and organic feel to her site. For this project I kept it clean yet inviting as if you would actually want to dine there. For this client besides doing all the front-end work I also set up Google Analytics and did some minor SEO work as well.


120dB Films, a New York-based independent film company, needed a site for their latest production called Rocksteady. This film is about a Jamaican man who becomes the first black stockcar racer. The challenge was to combine the grittiness of the race track with a Jamaican feel. I designed and built the front-end using HTML / CSS for the site, set up their Facebook & Twitter presence, formatted their trailer for the web and set up Google Analytics for them.


The Raleigh-based company Eye Society aligned itself with YouTube and other video content based sites in 2007. This was the homepage for the site, but unfortunately the company didn't last very long, I think YouTube kinda won out there.
For this project, I acted as director, copywriter, editor, director of photography & even wrote the music for this promotional video created for The Pinhook, a live music venue & bar in Durham, North Carolina. They used this minute long clip for their Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 to upgrade their current soundsystem. And it worked...the venue even surpassed their goal.
The Duke University Graduate Students needed a poster for an Interdisciplinary Conference they were hosting centered around the discussion of the use of space in our world and its importance. They also brought in two lecturers from California to speak on Promoting Colonism and TechoSpace.
This poster was created for the University of North Carolina Audiology Department who hosted a free hearing screening during one of the area's independent music festivals called Troika Music Festival. The event was held at Motorco and brought in the hipster music fan and various band members to find out just how deaf they were going or not.
Durham Central Park in North Carolina were raising funds to improve its landscape. They asked local Chefs to host an invite only dinner event to raise funds along with other local businesses that would donate the produce and wine for the Chef to use for the meal. This is the menu for the evening...and the food was amazing.
Poster and advertisement for the Alltel Pavilion VIP Program. They were giving away a free iPod for referring your friends to purchase a VIP Box or Season Ticket Program. Keeping it clean and simple just like the Apple products.